Read to Achieve

Free Books for children from disadvantaged backgrounds

Read To Achieve

The Sweet Pins Foundations read to achieve program, provides the gift of new and quality books of choice to children who may otherwise not be able to access them, thereby helping to reduce educational inequality.

Read to achieve helps to


•  Improve literacy and reading skills for a better education whilst simultaneously normalizing reading as an everyday activity or pastime

•  Involve the family in reading and building a home library for all to share 

•  Give children the pride of ownership and choice and empower children to choose books they WANT to read rather than the books they are told to read

•  Foster self-driven learning through a connection to books and reading

•  Develop children’s creativity and imagination

•  Give children a better start in order to open up choices and opportunities in later life

•  Encourage children to engage with their school and families to engage with their community.


Ultimately, reading is the gateway to education, and education is the key to prosperity. The Sweet Pins Foundation contributes to overcoming generational poverty and poor educational development by helping children learn to read in their early years.