Why Books?

Children who read, achieve better in school...

Reading from an early age has been linked to higher success in career progression, higher confidence and a higher level of ambitious goal setting.
Just 15 extra minutes of reading time per day can help a struggling child match and surpass their year level’s benchmark standard.

The Reality

Why reading is important for your childs future..

As it stands in 2020, 44% of Australian adults don’t have the literacy skills necessary to effectively handle gainful employment and the number is set to soar in the near future should we keep on this trajectory. Children's speech and language skills are at the lowest they have ever been in Australian history, according to Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

We Need Volunteers in Australia!

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Read To Achieve

Free books for kids
in primary schools

The Sweet Pins Foundation provides the gift of new and quality books of choice to children who may otherwise not be able to access them, thereby helping to reduce educational inequality.

Want to help us break the poverty cycle with education
in Australia?

We're looking for primary schools to participate in our "Read to Achieve" Program!

Our Read to achieve program equips children with the books that they will love reading for free. We believe that reading from a young age sets the stage for a productive and fruitful life of education. We’re looking for primary schools who are interested in participating in our program.